Student resources are now totally free. How to access teacher resources .....

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Due to retirement, I'm no longer trading. All student resources on the site are now totally free! Teachers are permitted to use any student resource as long as they maintain credit to If you cannot download or access something anywhere on the website e.g. in the Computational Thinking section, it's because the resource contains the answers as well as the student worksheet and you therefore need a teacher login.

If any teacher working in a UK-based school or college wants a teacher login so you can access the answers to various worksheets etc on the website, you can have one! All you need to do is make a small voluntary donation of a minimum of £100 (less than the cost of a good night out) to a German charity that supports two Cambodian schools for children of poor families in Phnom Phen and Siem Reap. You can see the work the schools in Cambodia do here. It's in German, but there are lots of photos on the second tab along the main menu:

If you would like a teacher login, please send an email to the address shown below, using your school email address (not a private one). You will then receive further details (Please be patient as I only check emails a few times a week now).