CIE AS and A Level Computer Science (to be taught from Sept 2015)

Please note that currently, all of Section 1 is available. We will be adding Sections 2, 3 and 4 in the future.

LogoThe CIE syllabus is designed to give as much flexibility to teachers and students as possible. CIE envisage that students taking this course will gain the necessary skills and understanding to either go on to study the subject further, get employment in a Computer Science area or will be better informed to make good decisions in a technologically dependent society. Students will:

          * learn how a computer and computer systems work

          * develop appropriate Maths skills

          * focus on programming and computational thinking

          * apply academic principles to real-world problems

          * learn how to break problems down and then solve them

          * understand how Internet and communications technologies work together

          * have a clear progression into higher education or employment.



CIE Computer Science 2015