ICT tests website - now completely free with either a KS4 or a KS5 subscription!

teacher1 smallFree with a website subscription! Download and install this website on your password-protected network or password-protected VLE. That means that if the Internet goes down at school, you still have lots of A Level resources you can use. All we ask is that you ensure you install it on a network that is accessed via a user name and password. It must not be publicly available on the Internet!

ict menuThe website consists of many self-marking tests. Once students have covered a topic in class, they can then take a range of tests, including multiple choice tests, crosswords, jumbled up sentences and so on. Once completed, the test will be marked automatically. There is no work for the teacher to do at all here! Pupils can see immediately how they have done and can then take any necessary action to plug the gaps.

These tests are also perfect for cover lessons and self-supported study.

This is an ideal way for pupils to monitor their own learning and see the progress that they are making in class and with their studies and a great addition to any bank of resources on your network or VLE.

Click here to view the ICT tests website.