OCR GCSE Computing website - now completely free with a KS4 subscription!

teacher1 smallgcsecomp webThe GCSE Computing website is an ideal reference for many topics in the GCSE Computing courses. It has been organised for convenience along the lines of the legacy OCR GCSE Examination Board's specification. The website covers the theory pupils need to know for the A451 theory unit. It has been organised and referenced in exactly the same way as the A451 Specification so you and your pupils won't be trying to work out what section on the website matches to what section in A451.

Each section has detailed notes and explanations, diagrams and examples. There are also a number of questions at the end of each section, which can be used in the classroom or as homework. All the answers to all the questions in every section are also available.

Click here to open the website and view sample sections.

With a subscription, you can download and set the website up on your password-protected Intranet and / or VLE.