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29. Nov 2023

License Agreement

Worksheet and Exam Licence Agreement

     a) Worksheets and exams can only be used only by students enrolled at, or employees employed by, your organisation.
     b) You may use these worksheets and exams only whilst you hold a valid subscription.
     c) You must cease using these worksheets and exams and remove them from all computers once your subscription has expired.
     d) This product must be hosted only on computer equipment owned by your organisation.
     e) You must not store these worksheets and exams on privately-owned computers.
     f) Worksheets and exams are for classroom use only. 

     g) You will not share the product with any other schools or organisations.
     h) You will not copy and use any worksheet or exam, except for distribution to students enrolled at your school for classwork or homework.
     i) You will not use the worksheets or exams for any other purpose without seeking theteacher.info Ltd's written permission first.
     j) All worksheets and exams are licenced to your organisation only and are not transferable.
     k) All worksheets and exams are copyright-owned by theteacher.info Ltd - @2016 theteacher.info Ltd.

By downloading this worksheet or exam, you agree to the above simple and common sense terms and conditions.

I agree to the terms listed above
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