A Level Computing self-marking test

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alevelstartWe have created a large database of multiple choice questions for AS Level Computing. Each time a student wants to test their knowledge of a whole module in the OCR AS Level Computing course, they start a test. A random selection of 60 questions is pulled from the database of questions for that module and combined into a single multiple choice test. The student then does the test and the results are marked automatically by the computer.

The student can do a test as many times as they like and each time, a completely new randomly selected choice of questions is put into the test.

- An easy-to-manage classroom resource.
- Can be used independently by students.
- Questions cover all ability ranges.
- Ideal as a cover lesson resource.
- Instantly marked by the computer - no marking by the teacher required!
- Fun to do.

This resource is being offered at an incredibly low price and includes all updates to the questions database for a full 12 months. The licence is for outright purchase (not a subscription), is for a full site licence for one school or college and allows you to put the resource on your password-protected Intranet and password-protected VLE.