A Level Computing self-marking tests

teacher1 smallFree with a website subscription! This means that if the Internet goes down at school, you can carry on using our products. It also means that students are familar with how to get access using your VLE and don't need to remember yet another password for our subscription site. 

This exciting suite of Test Packs are for A Level MenuComputing theory units. They are organised using the individual sections that make up Units F451 (Computer Fundamentals) and F452 (Programming Techniques and Logical Methods) of the OCR A Level Computing course but are clearly relevant to all A Level computing courses.

There are 12 packs of quizzes in total. Each pack of fun quizzes and challenges allows you and your pupils to know just how much progress is being made, quickly and without taking up lots of teacher time. There is a pack for each section in each unit so they can be easily used at distinct stages of your Scheme of Work. 

There are lots of different types of tests, including multiple choice, gap fills, crosswords, definitions and lots more. We have challenges against the clock and challenges with hints. Some tests allow second attempts and some tests are different everytime; they get their questions from a database of questions so they can be used again and again by the same pupil.

And all tests mark themselves! It takes just a fraction of a second from when pupils click the 'Check' button for their score for a test to be displayed on their screen.

You can try a few samples from our wide range of tests now and look around our website - there are lots more different types of tests in various places!

Sample 1     Sample 2       Sample 3       Sample 4