Kok Krosaing International School

We support KidsCare Cambodia, a charity based in Cambodia, whose aim is to help with the education and development of the very poorest children in and around the villages of Siem Reap (where the world famous Angkor Wat is situated). They have just opened a brand new primary school and are continuing to help local families with getting access to clean water, sanitation and a roof over their heads.

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world and although there is an education system in the country, many of the very poorest children slip through the net for a range of reasons. Many youngsters' families lack the means to buy the necessary uniform and books. Some live too far away from the nearest school and have no means of transport. Food is often a more immediate concern than education and sometimes, a disability or health issues stops attendance at school. Families in Cambodia are absolutely desperate to get their children into school and the children are desperate to go, as they all know that this is their main hope for bettering their lives and lifting themselves out of poverty.

* You can visit and 'Like' the school's Facebook site here. 

How you can help
If you or your students would like to get involved supporting this charity, there are lots of things that you could do. You could run all kinds of fund-raising events, make the charity your form or school charity for a period of time, sponsor a child to go to school, develop resources for the school, send books and parcels, go and visit the school - it's only about 14 hours away on the plane! They are building a kindergarten on the same site as the primary school and they would welcome donations for that, for medical supplies, educational resources, uniforms, food for the students, bikes to help children get to and from school and donations for their outreach projects.

If you would like to help, please contact Roger and his Cambodian wife Sun Sothy using the school's Facebook site.