About theteacher.info Ltd

LogoBased in Coventry in the UK, theteacher.info Ltd has been producing and promoting high quality Computer Science and ICT resources for teachers and students since 2002. 

Used in over 400 UK schools and colleges, we are committed to saving busy teachers as much time as possible by providing a massive range of high-quality Computer Science resources that closely match the needs of the courses being studied. We want to give teachers and their students resources they can use immediately, with minimal preparation.

The demands of the new KS3 Orders in September 2014 for Computer Science, along with the new Computer Science courses for all the A Level Computer Science courses in 2015 and the GCSE Computer Science courses in 2016 mean that there is a real need for quality resources for both teachers and students in schools and colleges. It takes a huge amount of time to prepare the right range and quality of resources at the right level for all students and that is where theteacher.info Ltd can help you.

Until very recently, we concentrated on supplying traditional Computer Science textbooks and digital resources on DVDs for VLEs. However, it has become clear that online resources, available to both teachers and students 24/7 from anywhere and from any digital device is the demand now. The most effective way for us to provide this is by offering a one-stop subscription website at very reasonable prices, which we can constantly add to each week. You will now find all of our resources in digital form on this site and available to you. You can still buy nearly all of our products outright and host them on your own password-protected VLE if you prefer.

We always welcome your comments and feedback and any suggestions you have for resources you need.