Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I get full access for teachers and students to the subscription area at my school or college? You can either email or FAX us your order using your organisation's standard order form or print off our order form from the website and FAX that to us. Our FAX number is 0872 115 6161. Please FAX your order. Orders sent by post do not always arrive and can cause unecessary delays! Please ensure that your order is on headed paper, has an official order number and is signed by the Bursar at your school. IMPORTANT: Please ensure the Burdar's email, the Head of Computer Science's email and your school / college's FAX number are on the order form as we use these to send invoices and deal with any issues or questions. Please ensure that the emails and the FAX number are clear (FAX machines can blur the text.)
  • How do I register for the website? There is no facility for you to register a new login account. Logins and passwords are issued to schools and colleges when they have placed an order, and they can then access the restricted parts of the website. If you wish to access the restricted areas, please look at the 'Main products section' under the 'Shop' menu.
  • How many licences do I need? You need just one licence per school or college site up to a maximum of 500 computers. If your school is part of a group or partnership of schools, for example, in a multi-academy trust (MAT), each organisation in the group needs its own licence. One licence does not cover more than one school or college in the group. If you are in any doubt, or are likely to go over 500 computers in your school or college, please email us for further details.
  • What happens once an order is sent? We aim to process all orders within three working days. We will email you a unique teacher login and password and also a student login and password, which you can then distribute to your students. We will also email an invoice to you and email a duplicate invoice directly to your Bursar. Please note that our terms for payment are strictly 30 days from the date on the invoice. We will confirm your order as soon as we receive it by email. Please ensure that the emails are clear (FAX machines can blur the text.)
  • How should we pay? For your security and ours, we strongly recommend payment by BACS. This is a fast and secure method of payment, which leaves a clear and easy-to-trace audit trail. We can also accept payment by credit card but this will incur an extra cost to you to cover our costs. If your Bursar is intending to use the school or college's credit card, please contact us before placing an order, so we can advise you of the total price. Could we ask that you do not pay by cheque unless you absolutely have to! We note that last year, over 90% of payments were made to us using BACS.
  • I am a student. Can I purchase a personal, single-user account for sections of the website? All of our resources and access to the website can only be purchased by schools and colleges. Please ask your school if they can help.
  • I can't create an account. You cannot create your own new account for our website. When a school or college buys a subscription, we then issue them with a login and password for that organisation. The teacher will issue the students with their login and password.
  • I only want to purchase the excellent Python 3 resources. How do I do that? The Python 3 resources are not available for separate purchase. They are free with a whole-site subscription. Please purchase a subscription to automatically get access to the Python 3 resources.
  • I've spotted a mistake on your website! We strive for excellence but mistakes do happen from time to time. Please use the 'Report an error' form on the About menu and provide us with as much detail as you can.