Python video sets 1 and 2

teacher1 smallPyMenu1We have produced two sets of video tutorials, designed to help all students and teachers get to grips with programming concepts fast using Python 3, the best programming language around for teaching youngsters how to code! These sets of videos take you through all of the steps you need to go through to produce outstanding results. All of your students will be making excellent progress in no time. They are available for you to download and put on your school's password-protected Intranet and / or password-protected VLE for free when you buy a website subscription.  

Many students are familiar with programming a turtle from primary school, often using Logo. We have therefore used the turtle that comes with standard Python installations in these videos. You can see the first video in this series and what students will be making here.

We strongly recommend you use Python 3
We program using Python 3 because it is a very powerful teaching language that all students seem to get on with very quickly. If you are thinking about what language to use for teaching and learning, or are concerned about the progress some of your students are currently making, then use Python 3. It forces good coding practice on students from the outset, the structure and functions are super clear, there is a huge community on the Internet for ideas and support, everything you need is free and your students, regardless of ability, will make good progress.

Our videos have many advantages for teaching and learning:

Allows teachers to quickly teach themselves new skills, ready for the classroom.
Each lesson builds on the previous one.
Pupils can work at their own pace.
Pupils can play, pause and replay each video.
Ideal for pupils with poor concentration.
Perfect for pupils with low reading skills.
Really inspires your high flyers.
Highly engaging and motivating.
Ideal for non-ICT specialists and cover teachers to teach!
Uses the familiar turtle environment.
Python is completely free for all the pupils, both at home and at school!!PyMenu2