OCR A Level Computing website - now completely free with a KS5 subscription!

teacher1 smallCompletely free to download and set up with a website subscription. That means that if the Internet goes down at school, you still have lots of A Level resources you can use. All we ask is that you ensure you install it on a network that is accessed via a user name and password. It must not be publicly available on the Internet!

ocr alevel menu smallThis wonderful resource was designed for the legacy OCR AS / A Level specifications. It has four modules covering both the two legacy AS units and the two legacy A2 units. Each unit is broken down into the same sections as used in the syllabus, using the same references, and each section is further broken down topic by topic, again in exactly the same way as the syllabus.

We have also included a wide range of self-marking tests!

We provide extensive notes, examples and illustrations as well as questions that can be used in class or set for homework. Great care has been taken over this comprehensive resource, which has been constantly reviewed, developed and improved, a process that started right back in 2002 with the old specification.

This surely is a 'Must Have' resource for any school or college teaching any A Level specification as most of the topics appear in the post September 2015 specifications. Click on the link below now to open up the website and try out some of the open access topics.

Click here to open the OCR Computing website.