GCSE Computing exams and mark schemes

teacher1 smallgcse exam1Free with a website subscription. Print off as many exams and mark schemes as you want, forever. 

Here we have created lots of formal exams and mark schemes that test each topic. These are designed to save teachers lots of time.

+ 2 complete packs of tests - a total of 16 formal exams, each complete with its mark scheme.
+ A test for every theory section in the OCR GCSE Computing course in each pack PLUS an End Of Unit test.
+ Perfect for other Exam Boards' Computing courses, too!
+ Each test comes complete with a detailed mark scheme.
+ Ideal for testing pupils at the end of each theory section.
+ Objective, independent tests for more accurate testing.
+ Assess progress and give useful feedback and action points.
+ Questions in the style of public exam questions.
+ Each paper comes as a pdf download. You can then print off as many copies as you want, again and again, year after year.
+ Set the time for each paper, depending on your students.

You can download some samples here and here (mark schemes not included).

gcse exam2