GCSE end-of-unit self-marking test

teacher1 smallgcse quizFree with a website subscription. You can download and put this resource on your password-protected Intranet and password-protected VLE. 

We have created a large database of multiple choice questions for GCSE Computing courses. Each time a student wants to test their knowledge of the whole GCSE Computing course, they start a test. A random selection of 60 questions is pulled from the database of questions and combined into a single multiple choice test. The student then does the test and the results are marked automatically by the computer.

The student can do a test as many times as they like and each time, a completely new randomly selected choice of questions is put into the test.

     - An easy-to-manage classroom resource.
     - Can be used independently by students.
     - Questions cover all ability ranges.
     - Ideal as a cover lesson resource.
     - Instantly marked by the computer - no marking by the teacher required!
     - Lots of variety.

There are lots of different types of tests in various places on this website and in samples in products. Please feel free to explore and try them out.