All Boards A Level Computing website - now completely free with a KS5 subscription!

teacher1 smallCompletely free with a website subscription! Download and install this website on your password-protected network or password-protected VLE. That means that if the Internet goes down at school, you still have lots of A Level resources you can use. All we ask is that you ensure you install it on a network that is accessed via a user name and password. It must not be publicly available on the Internet!

allboardsThis website is a fantastic resource for all A Level Computing courses. Developed and improved over many years, the All Boards website covers the topics that your students need to know to be successful in both their AS units and their A2 units.

We assume no prior knowledge. Topics are clearly explained in just the right amount of detail. There are plenty of diagrams to support students' learning and aid understanding and plenty of questions that the teacher can use to test their students in class or for homework exercises.

This website comes with an added bonus! We have included many self-marking tests with every single topic. This is a really great way to quickly assess how much your students really understand once a topic has been covered. Students love doing them and we have ensured lots of variety to keep them all interested over a period of time. This is a really valuable resource for any school or college.

Click here to open up the All Boards website and try out some of the chapters and self-marking tests for yourself.